Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to Liquid Lend! A new revolutionary never before seen product here 1st on Yield Bank!!

Liquid Lend

Liquid Lend is our product for taking out collateralized loans by using the user’s LP tokens as collateral.

Accessing liquid capital made easy — Borrowing

In current DeFi space, if you want to access the capital you are liquidity mining with, you need to go through the painstaking process of going to the protocol, exchanging some of your LP tokens back in for the underlying assets, paying a gas fee, then taking that money and using it for your original intended purpose.

Collateralized liquidity pools — Lending

Users on the lending side will be able to provide the liquidity for the Liquid Lend loans. As a reward for providing liquidity to Liquid Lend loans, the users will gain a percentage based reward (an APY) of the interest rate charged to the borrower.