Key Yield Bank features

In our second article the iYield Team is excited to share with you a list of key Yield Bank features. The Yield Bank platform aims to improve and unify many of the popular services DeFi has to offer under one platform alongside our own yield farming ecosystem.




401K Vaults

User Interface and Experience

Individual Account Propriety

The Peoples Fund

yGasSaver & Auto-Compounding

Our Auto-Compounding feature is where when selected, allows the user to auto reinvest their yield dividends further into their currently staked pool, to create an auto compounding interest of their rewards. Our platform will automatically take the rewards yield, swap & convert into ratios necessary to add liquidity to the existing farmed pool, then take the newly generated LP tokens and add them to the user’s existing staked pool. This process is fully at the user’s discretion with a simple checkbox and execute function button on our platform. The user will also be allowed to create key autonomous intervals for when these yields would Auto-Compound, i.e. the user wishes to Auto-Compound 75% of yield rewards after 1% of profits gained from their original investment and place the remaining 25% of those gains in their Yields balance. Our unique account propriety system allows for key data to be harvested from their accounts in order to make this process a reality. This removes the painstaking task of taking the user’s yields by claiming the rewards, then adding those rewards by leaving the platform, going back to the original pool, then converting those assets into equal parts, and adding more liquidity, then re-staking the LP token back again to the farming platform. We will cover this process all with a single click of a button.

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The article and any other associated content of Yield Bank does not constitute as financial advice. Cryptocurrencies are a high risk investment and may not be suitable for all members of the public and all types of investors. This is an experiment in DeFi yield aggregating to bring longer and steadier yields to its users.




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