iYield Team and Development Company Reveal

Project leadership — The iYield Team

Vignesh Iyer

As the. Lead President, Vignesh has lead engineering innovation at WinJit Technologies and iYield Inc, Business strategy and development drive his operations and business acumen, brainstorming and entrepreneurial spirit. He is responsible for leading the development team with iYield and scaling up our new state of the art technology areas within. Vignesh is passionate about Blockchain, IoT, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, and Bigdata Analytics. Vignesh is the sole lead of Yield Bank and its project development. With numerous blockchain projects like Morpheous under his belt as well as Defi projects that only v1.0 users would recall, Vignesh is a true innovator to lead Yield Bank to the top.

Development Company

The Development company we have partnered with to help us bring the project to life is Winjit Technologies. Winjit Inc. is an AI technology platform company with proven expertise in blockchain technology.

Private Venture Capital backing

The Yield Bank project, its incredible two native tokens and our all-in-one DeFi platform with many unique features has been in development since August. From the beginning, a key Venture Capitalist has been a part of the team to fund the project in a fully vested manner. This ensures the project will not be delayed or die down due to a lack of funding and delivering a high-end, functioning product to the DeFi market is a certainty. Our team will ensure all of our holders success and make sure that our ecosystem rewards them with the rewards deserved for their dedication and support of Yield Bank.



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