In this article we are going to be doing a deep-dive into Liquid Lend and the submarkets Liquid Lend is targeting - collateralizing LP tokens and the tremendous impact it will have of the field of Decentralized Finance akin YFI’s or Uniswap’s impact on helping shape and moving DeFi forward.

Liquid Lend

The iYield team is bringing you an announcement regarding the Round 2 of our Liquidity Episode, price updates, token addresses, contract addresses and audit, all in one place as well as the launch date of our platform and updated airdrop distribution schedule. Without further ado, let’s get to it!

Sale & Platform Launch Dates


In our most recent update, we are going to be taking a look at and defining secondary markets in DeFi, derivative based assets DeFi produces and the long term vision for what kind of role will Yield Bank play in the entire DeFi ecosystem — so, let’s get to it!

Secondary markets in DeFi

The iYield team would like to invite you to participate in our long-awaited Liquidity Episode!

Launch Time

Our Liquidity Episode is going live on our platform on the 18th of January 2021, currently scheduled launch time is 12:00pm EST timezone.

The Liquidity Episode will be live for 11 days, that is until…

With our 12th update, the iYield team is excited to bring you a long requested and speculated feature — Yield Bankers will be allowed to yield farm Bitcoin. Yield farming Bitcoin? How? Multi-Rewards System — What's that? Let’s take a look!

Yield Farming Bitcoin

By definition, yield farming means harvesting rewards (in other…

Brought to you by the iYield Team, in this update we are going to be taking a look at our proprietary Automated Market Maker integrated directly into the Yield Bank platform as well as an explanation of our Send It feature that will make the Yield Banker platform more inclusive…

Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to Liquid Lend! A new revolutionary never before seen product here 1st on Yield Bank!!

Liquid Lend

Liquid Lend is our product for taking out collateralized loans by using the user’s LP tokens as collateral.

There are two sides to Liquid Lend. The first side is users…

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